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About Americans For A Free Country

The idea behind this site is to get a lot of different Americans contributing ideas that could help our country out of the mire that the federal government has put it in. This website seeks the knowledge of many people in an effort to come up with the best ideas to fix our beautiful country.

 We are looking to eventually start a non-profit organization to push the feds to do the right thing, and when they don't bring the hammer down on the offending party whether it happens to be the Democrats or the Republicans doesn't matter.

 This is a non-partisan group of true American people looking to put this country back to the way that it once was. Looking to restore it to the way that our Constitution says that it should be. And to remove the amendments that infringe on the rights of American citizens.

 In the United States we are given rights by our founding fathers, and the federal government is not supposed to change them in a way that infringes on the rights of any American citizen. Obama saying if the political winds change that he will stand with the Muslims, says that he will stand against this country.  

The United States was once a great country, and it should be again. But for that to happen the corruption needs to come to tan end.