Mission & Vision Statement

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Americans For A Free Country Mission Statement

 Americans For A Free Country plans to build a coalition of like-minded people who are concerned about the state of the United States. People who understand that we need to control the federal government so they don't run the country down beyond the point of return.

People that understand that the economy is not going to fix itself. We are looking for patriots who are ready to put their ideas to the public and make the federal government listen to the people. We plan to build a knowledge base of people who can help get things done.

Americans For A Free Country Vision Statement

The vision of Americans For Free Country is to make our elected officials understand that our Constitution is not there for their amusement. We envision a country that runs the way that our founding fathers planned for it to. 

A country of the people, by the people and for the people. Our vision is for the United States is to rebuild itself that way that it used to be. Return our country to a place where we don't outsource all the work to other countries, a country where industry is thriving and creating jobs for American people. 

We also aim to build a strong economy based on the fact that we have rebuilt industry in the United States. We need to build a country based on the people and not based on the federal government. We plan to rebuild the American way of thinking and pride in the United Sates.

Our vision will make our elected officials answer for the mistakes they make that weaken the United States.

We wiill add more as we go.

What the steps are:

1. Strengthen our borders, and follow the immigration laws

2. Strengthen our national defense, by building our military back again

3. Strengthen business by lowering taxes, and giving incentives for creating jobs in this country

4. End lobbying of congress by the special interest groups

5. Make our elected officials live by the laws like the people do

6. Privatize social and put the money in an interest bearing account  that Washington has no access to.

7. Fix the broken Veterans Affairs system

8. Fix the higher education system

9. Bring back middle education to the state level 

10. Deregulate business in the United States.

11. Term limits for congress

12. Line item veto for congress and the president